Every US citizen of voting age enjoys the privilege of voting in local, state, and federal elections for representatives who reflect one’s own priorities and values. Although we elect political figures, the election process itself should not be a political one. Each person should be confident that his or her vote was counted and counted correctly. Unfortunately, issues have come to light with some of our election processes that must be scrutinized and corrected to restore the confidence of the voting public.

To help restore the public trust, every voter should be required to show a picture ID prior to voting in every election and the voter’s signature must be checked whether voting in person or by mail. Voter ID is not a mechanism for disenfranchisement as some would argue, but simply a security measure that is used in nearly every aspect of life from opening a bank account or getting a library card to flying on a commercial airplane.

On June 14th, Flag Day, community members visited state representatives and state senators and requested they sign an Election Integrity Declaration. This declaration was created by grassroots groups throughout the state and who all personally signed the document. Below is a list of the legislators who also signed the document, noting that none of them are from Chester or Delaware Counties! 

PA State Senators:

  • Doug Mastriano, State Senator and Gubernatorial Candidate
  • Bob Mensch, State Senator & GOP Caucus Chair
  • Kim Ward, State Senator & Majority Leader
  • Dave Argall, State Senator
  • Chris Gebhard, State Senator

PA Representatives:

  • Francis Ryan, State Rep.
  • Mike Jones, State Rep.
  • Barry Jozwiak, State Rep.
  • Dawn Keefer, State Rep.
  • Tracy Pennycuick, State Rep. & Candidate for State Sen.
  • Joe Hamm, State Rep.
  • Stephanie Borowicz, State Rep
  • Aaron Bernstine, State Rep.
  • Eric Nelson, State Rep.
  • Perry Stambaugh, State Rep.
  • Barb Gleim, State Rep.
  • Rob Kauffman, State Rep.
  • Tim Twardzic, State Rep.
  • Milou Mackenzie, State Rep.

In the News…

  • The last remaining active lawsuit in Delaware County that alleged improper protocols were followed and potentially illegal activities committed during the canvassing (counting of ballots) of the 2020 election was recently dismissed without an evidentiary hearing for mootness because the election is over.
  • In Chester County there were anomalies in the 2021 General Election which could not be overlooked by at least one member of the Board of Elections.
  • Residents demand election integrity of the county commissioners whose job it is to run the elections in each county.

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