Rights for Thee But Not for Me


What Constitutional rights do illegal immigrants receive when they step foot onto American soil? Here are a few rights that you might know:

  • Due process;
  • A jury trial and to defend yourself if arrested;
  • Protection from unlawful search and seizure;

and here are a few rights that illegal immigrants enjoy which you might not know:

  • Not to be discriminated against;
  • Public school education;
  • File civil lawsuit if rights are infringed;
  • Purchase real estate

These rights are afforded to anyone who enters this country without legal authority to do so.

Illegal Immigrant

Guatemalan illegal immigrant, Virjilio Aguilar-Mendez, and 
St. Johns County, Florida, Sheriff’s Office Sgt. Michael Kunovich

After killing Sgt. Kunovich while being apprehended, the Guatemalan was afforded rights of due process, equal protection, and an attorney. In addition. Mr. Aguilar-Mendez took advantage of another right – to file a federal lawsuit!

He is suing the slain officer’s estate, another responding officer, and the county, claiming that he was denied his rights under the “Americans with Disabilities Act.” His disability?  He doesn’t speak English or Spanish. Since there was no “Mam” interpreter at the scene, he’s claiming his rights were violated. One would think that law only applies to Americans as the name states. Read more here.

American Citizen

Catherine Herridge, veteran investigative reporter

Meanwhile, as we’ve previously documented, American citizens struggle to retain the rights that we’ve come to take for granted.

Most recently, Catherine Herridge, a veteran investigative reporter known from her work at Fox News and CBS News, risks court fines of $5,000 per day because she refuses to reveal her confidential sources.

Reporters have long relied upon the 1st Amendment’s protection of freedom of the press when trying to investigate corruption and provide the public with truth. As she fights for her Constitutional rights, CBS News recently fired Ms. Herridge and retained her personal files. Read more about it here.

Bottom line…

Americans watch as our natural-born and Constitutional rights are usurped by Executive Orders and rogue courts. We been taught to trust that our government will do the right thing for its citizens. Yet, we see illegal immigrants being treated better than American citizens. They are flown across the country, without having to remove their shoes for TSA. They are given housing for up to two years at hotels, while some U.S. Veterans have no home. 

Americans are paying a steep price for the trust we’ve given our leaders. Are you ready to start asking the tough questions and hearing the answers? We are!