Election Process Court Victory

On January 2, 2024, after a three year legal battle against the Department of Justice and other prominent legal teams, Judge Steve C. Jones of the U.S. Northern District of Georgia handed a win to citizens concerned about protecting election processes. 

Catherine Engelbrecht, from True the Vote, indicated that the organization was fully vindicated in the ruling for helping Georgia residents to “file lawful elector challenges.” They had evidence that over 364,000 voters had moved, making them ineligible to vote where they were registered. True the Vote and citizens challenged those voters, asking the counties to review the voter rolls for those voters who had moved. In daring to challenge those electors, True the Vote was sued and persecuted, but they triumphed!
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Local Connection
Like the people of Georgia, concerned citizens in Chester County reviewed voter rolls and compared them with the National Change of Address database, which maintains permanent change of address records as filed with the U.S. Postal Service.

What they found was shocking! Over 3,000 people remain registered in the county despite living elsewhere. In 2023, volunteers reviewed the voting records of some that were recorded as having moved. They found that some had actually voted in the 2022 General Election. Volunteers went to a select number of those registered addresses and asked if the voters lived there. Many neighbors and current residents shared that the persons in question had moved long ago. In the limited canvassing that they did, volunteers found 144 people illegally voted in that election because they were not citizens of Chester County.

All data and evidence was provided to Chester County in August, 2023. The citizens received a response from the Director of Voter Services dated September 8, 2023 and a response dated November 2, 2023 from the Chester County Solicitor, Colleen Frens. They can be seen below. Ultimately, the county appreciates all the work that went into the citizen investigation, but will continue the same processes it has in place with no further queries.
Bottom line…
Citizens have the right to petition our government for redress without fear of persecution or prosecution. It seems many of our elected and non-elected leaders have forgotten that, or choose to ignore it. In that event, we must fight for our rights, as Catherine Engelbrecht did, before they are simply taken away.