Election Litigation Looms

Evidence Goes to a Jury

In a turn of events yesterday in a Philadelphia courtroom, Greg Stenstrom and Leah Hoopes admitted into evidence all the information from more than 60 court cases that they’ve filed regarding the 2020 election and Delaware County election fraud.

Former Delaware County Voting Machine Warehouse supervisor, James Savage, filed a civil complaint for a protective order against Stenstrom and Hoopes based on the duo filing frivolous lawsuits and using inflammatory historical language from Frederick Douglass in their speeches.

Their use of his phrasing was meant to encourage people to use litigation rather than violence to effect change. However, Savage claimed to fear for his safety and requested limiting the movements & speech of Stenstrom and Hoopes, removing their firearms, and imposing $15,000 fines on them. The judge chose a different path.

Their defense against frivolous lawsuits is the evidence underlying the suits which has NEVER been seen by a jury. That will change later this summer or early fall when the defendants will show a jury the documents, recordings, and other evidence which Stenstrom and Hoopes believe will prove beyond any reasonable doubt that election fraud took place in 2020 in Delaware County.

For more on this case, please see the Gateway Pundit article by clicking the above image.

Questions Abound on Use of Mail-in Ballots

USPS Truck

A year after the USPS Office of the Inspector General completed its investigation into the disappearance of a tractor trailer filled with completed mail-in ballots, the report was finally released and can be seen here. The bottom line is that completed mail-in ballots disappeared, which lends credence to the claims that fraudulent mail-in ballots may have been substituted for real ones in the 2020 election in Pennsylvania.

The truck driver who insisted that his truck carried almost 300,000 completed mail-in ballots in 2020 before it disappeared from Lancaster, PA has been vindicated. Click the above image for more on this story.

Signature Verification

When electors vote in person, they sign a register, and the poll worker is supposed to check that the signature matches the record. Since PA does not have Voter ID, this is the only way to ensure that the person voting is indeed the elector listed in the voter rolls. However, there is no signature verification when voters use absentee or mail-in ballots. As long as there is a mark on the signature line, including a dot or an “X,” then the ballot is counted. Given this, is it possible for a fraudulent mail-in ballot to be substituted for a real one? Without extremely tight controls and unwavering oversight, the answer is – yes!

Right to Know Requests Denied – Commonwealth Court Filing

Following the May 2023 Municipal Primary Election, Right to Know (RTK) requests were filed in both Delaware and Chester Counties asking for a few public records:

  • Complete list of all absentee/mail-in ballot voters;
  • Physical examination of all absentee/mail-in ballot envelopes;
  • Copy of the digital images taken of the absentee/mail-in ballot envelopes as they are scanned by the county mail sorters.

All these documents are public records according to Act 77; however, the counties denied the majority of the requests for various reasons. Delaware County election employees went so far as to begin covering the signatures on the envelopes with tape so they could not be viewed. When they were notified that they were engaging in a criminal offense, the “cover up” ceased.

Electors from Delaware & Chester Counties have appealed the denial of the RTKs to the PA Office of Open Records. Also, candidates and electors from Delaware County have filed a lawsuit on the matter in Commonwealth Court, which is scheduled for a hearing in July. Chester County electors may join in that suit.

Bottom line…

Everyday concerns of our members and friends regarding the economy, crime, and education will never have a chance of being resolved by the leaders we choose if the elections are not safe, secure, and sound.

Our rights seems to slip away every day little by little. However, we are working to ensure that the American liberties about which Frederick Douglass spoke are not lost in our generation. For our children and grandchildren, we ask you to join us in that important work!