Criminal Punishment or Paycheck?

There seems to be a dichotomy in our justice system which some describe as two-tiered justice. We recently shared the story of one family’s involvement with the federal justice system around the January 6, 2021 Washington, D.C. protests. However, what about the protests that occurred in our cities, including Philadelphia, just six months prior in the summer of 2020? Was justice handed out fairly to both groups of people? It doesn’t appear that way. 

Crime Pays in Philadelphia

We all remember the burning cars, broken windows, and looting that took place in many cities throughout the country in the summer of 2020. The estimates of the damage were in the billions of dollars. Many small businesses suffered losses from which they could not recover. 

However, the owners of the cars, buildings, and other destroyed property were not the only victims. The demonstrators were also victims in Philadelphia! 

In trying to stop further destruction and dissipate the crowds, the police used tear gas and pepper spray. The protestors claimed that this policy brutality caused some of them to be hospitalized and caused mental trauma.  237 protestor victims filed suit against the City of Philadelphia and scored a record-breaking settlement of $9.25 million, or over $39,000 per person, courtesy of the Philadelphia taxpayers.

How many of the minority-owned small businesses that were ransacked and destroyed were unable to reopen? Did they get similar settlements from the taxpayers of Philadelphia?

Safer Cities
4 Ways to Reduce Crime

Tom Hogan is the former District Attorney in Chester County

Recently, former Chester County District Attorney, Tom Hogan, worked with PragerU to share proven crime-reducing and transformative measures for even the most crime-ridden cities.

  1. Target the “power few” – the 5% involved in most violent crime;
  2. Go after the gun dealers and gun-toting felons;
  3. Unite cops and prosecutors;
  4. Keep the bad actors in jail.

Please click on the above photo to see his 5 minute evidentiary-filled video.

The Bottom Line…

There could not be a bigger difference between the Philadelphia paycheck story and the piece from the tough-on-crime former District Attorney from Chester County. 

Do we want to turn our communities into third-world anarchies?  Of course not, but it seems that’s the direction we are headed! The first step to correcting what appears to be a two-tiered system of justice is to elect law enforcement officials, such as District Attorneys and Sheriffs, who respect and will enforce the law. Many will have that opportunity in the municipal elections this year. Choose wisely!