Election Questions

On Monday, November 28, the Chester County Commissioners met as the county Board of Elections to certify the 2022 General Election results. The board certified the election by a 2-1 vote but not before numerous issues were brought to their attention by the electorate.

Judges of Elections Directives & Mail-in Ballot Security Issues

Judges of Election (JOEs) throughout Chester County received text messages on Election Day instructing them not to deviate from procedure during the closing of the polls. They were warned not to count the votes of any races lest they risk fines and prosecution. Verifying the accuracy of the machine count prior to signing an affidavit attesting to the accuracy of the results should not warrant such dramatic threats from the county.

Click the above video to hear the witness testimony regarding the Judge of Elections directive and some Mail-in Ballot security issues.

In the counting of the mail-in ballots, the observer noticed that three of the tabulators malfunctioned on a regular basis. Additionally, there was little transparency when it came to the segregation and counting of ballots that were collected after voters illegally deposited more than one ballot. It appeared that all the segregated ballots were counted with no repercussion to the illegal activity.

Procedural & Mechanical Issues

Click the above video to hear this forensic accountant describe procedural and mechanical issues on Election Day that would fail any corporate audit.

This person spoke about the tabulator at her polling place not working for several hours on Election Day. She was concerned that the uncounted ballots were not secured in an effective manner while they awaited scanning.

As a CPA, former auditor, and forensic accountant, she sees basic controls missing from our voting process to include unreliable machines. Since companies are required to be audited by SEC rules, similarly elections should be audited, not recounted, to ensure the free and fair elections that we all deserve. 

The Response

The Board of Elections, aka the Chester County Commissioners, said nothing. There were no answers to questions nor responses to comments. Instead, the commissioners met in executive session to discuss delaying the certification of the election until a judge decided about allowing some precinct recounts. In the end, it was business as usual with the certification of another election where voters have questions.

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As G. K. Chesterton wrote, “It isn’t that they can’t see the solution. It is that they can’t see the problem.

We are trying to make sure that they see and understand the problems.