News Update – 9-21-22


The suburbs of Philadelphia always felt safe from the crimes that are so often reported on the local news coming from the city. Whether it’s because of desperation from the skyrocketing inflation or because many robberies aren’t prosecuted in Philadelphia, the suburbs now appear to be easy pickings! See a few recent stories below.

Shootings in Philadelphia are averaging 8 per day! Last year was the city’s most violent year with 562 murders and 1,800 gun shot victims. How many of the victims were children? The mayor blames the guns on the streets for the violence in the city. However, many of the perpetrators are teenagers who are not in school or are not being raised in a two-parent home. The breakdown of the family unit has a rippling effect.



Newtown Square

We can no longer say, “not in my town,” when it comes to robberies and other crimes on a daily basis. Our elected leaders must know what is happening in Philadelphia and the surrounding counties with respect to the crimes committed. So, why are criminals either not charged or released to rob or kill again after very little time served? Clearly, these leaders are not performing the basic functions of the jobs we elected them to do. In business, when someone cannot do the tasks assigned, he/she is fired. In government when leaders are not doing their jobs, our only recourse is to vote them out of office.

As G. K. Chesterton wrote, “It isn’t that they can’t see the solution. It is that they can’t see the problem.”

We are trying to make sure that they see and understand the problems. Join us in that mission!