Elections – 9-2-22

In the news…

Do you know what the Pennsylvania’s SURE System is?  If you are concerned about our elections being free and fair as we all expect, then this is information that might shock you!

SURE stands for the Statewide Uniform Register of Electors, which indicates that it is the database with all the records of voters in the state. The PA Code allows counties to view, add, modify, or delete voter records from the SURE system for residents of their own counties. It does NOT allow for 3rd party access to the system. However, that’s exactly what the organizations listed below have.

A Right to Know request to the Department of State from members of VerityVote.us provided the names of those who have access to our voter records. Verity Vote also explains that the access is through a backdoor software program (Application Program Interface – API), which these entities use for voter registration. However, in February 2020, Secretary of State Boockvar updated the SURE system to allow these organizations to apply for mail-in ballots for voters as well.

The full Verity Vote Report can be seen by clicking on the Contents Page shown above.

Where are the audits of all this activity? The Department of State refused to allow the Auditor General or his auditors access to the IT security and controls of the SURE system. How many people know all this? Are our state leaders putting their thumbs on the scales of our elections?

As G. K. Chesterton wrote, “It isn’t that they can’t see the solution. It is that they can’t see the problem.”

We are trying to make sure that they see and understand the problems. Join us in that mission!