News Update – 8-12-22

In the news…

Many have heard about Critical Race Theory (CRT), but what is it exactly?

  • CRT is described by Britannica as an intellectual and social movement that is based on the premise that race is a cultural construct, not a biological or physical feature, that is used to oppress people of color. For more information on the topic, please see this Imprimis article from Hillsdale College.

Parents in our area have flocked to school board meetings to express concerns over CRT being waved into curricula in our public schools. Although the teachers, administrators, and school boards have denied teaching it, there is growing evidence that the construct was reworded as “Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion” activities in all local school districts.

As the Delaware Valley Journal discusses (click below for the recent article), a former Great Valley School District school board director filed a right to know request about some training that hte district administrators attended. He received a webinar video given by the Pennsylvania Association of School Administrators wherein they advocated for CRT in the classroom. The webinar was produced by the Zinn Foundation, whose founder, Howard Zinn, was a “confessed Marxist.” More importantly, administrators were instructed to deny the presence of CRT in curricula, which would explain the denials by school boards across our region. Why deny a virtuous or rewarding philosophy?

We have great schools and educators in Delaware and Chester Counties, and for that we should be grateful. However, it appears that our tax dollars are being used to instruct the next generation to think differently than their parents and grandparents. Who decided that this was the responsibility of teachers, school districts, or the Pennsylvania Association of School Administrators?

If CRT themes are infused into education in our state schools as they appear to be, then parents, grandparents, and taxpayers must make their opinions heard. We should attend every school board, township, and county meeting until our tax dollars are used to educate rather than indoctrinate!

As G. K. Chesterton wrote, “It isn’t that they can’t see the solution. It is that they can’t see the problem.”

We are trying to make sure that they see and understand the problems. Join us in that mission!