2024 Elections

The members of Keystone Fair Business Partners are concerned about the families, the communities, and the business and cultural environment in southeastern Pennsylvania. They also understand that elections have consequences which impact all these things.

Our focus in 2024 will be to inform the public about issues that are of importance to our members and our community.
Trump & the Elephant in the Room
It seems that the subject of election fraud is a perennial issue to which there is never any satisfactory answers. Recently, Donald Trump released a report summarizing 2020 election fraud in swing states, including Pennsylvania. The report included footnoted source material. 

An example of one of the Pennsylvania 2020 problems listed in the report is:Pennsylvania was called by 80,555 votes.Months after the election, there were 121,240 more votes than voters, according to the Pennsylvania Department of State. By law, Pennsylvania cannot certify an election with this type of discrepancy.Please take a look at the information provided by Trump in the below posts. The full report can be viewed by clicking on any of the posts.
Bottom line…
Citizens of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania deserve answers to the questions that arise from the facts provided in this report. Three years have passed since that election but we are no closer to understanding or correcting processes that allowed for such discrepancies and potential fraud.

Remember the decreasing vote totals on election night on the Department of State’s website for the 2023 PA Supreme Court race?  Did we receive a reasonable explanation as to the cause?  No.  If that is any indication of the state of Pennsylvania’s elections, then answers and actions must be demanded by citizens – NOW!