Parents’ Rights

Rep. Kevin McCarthy made several promises in his Commitment to America prior to his election as Speaker of the House of Representatives. He’s keeping those promises!

Parent Bill of Rights
WCASD Parent Speaks in D.C.

On Wednesday, March 1st, families from the West Chester Area School District (WCASD) and others from around the country visited with Speaker McCarthy and members of the Committee on Education.

Speaker McCarthy committed to bringing forward a “Parents Bill of Rights” to empower every parent and child in America. This bill is H.R. 5 which builds on five pillars:

  • Right to know what’s being taught in school;
  • Right to be heard;
  • Right to see school budget and spending;
  • Right to protect their child’s privacy;
  • Right to be updated on violent activities at school

Chairwoman of the Committee on Education, Rep. Virginia Fox, understands the bureaucracy involved with schools and education. “We cannot have the Education Bureaucracy call parents who care about their children, are involved in their children’s education, radicals.”

Parents were vilified, labeled terrorists, and sued by school districts for asking questions and for filing Right-to-Know requests to get answers that were not provided at school board meetings. This bill aims to put an end to those wrongs.

WCASD Director, Stacey Whomsley, spoke about the rising school district budgets, increasing taxes, and historic lowered educational outcomes.

Sign the Parental Bill of Rights

If you would like to sign the Parental Bill of Rights and receive updates on the progress of H.R. 5 as it moves through Congress, then please use the following link:

The passage of this bill into law will bring much needed transparency and accountability of school administrations throughout the country.