2022 Activity Report & 2023 Plans

Over the last several weeks, we and our partners analyzed the impact of the campaigns that we shared with the Chester and Delaware County communities. We engaged our neighbors on the issues of inflation, energy, and crime by using digital video and banner ads, billboards, and text messaging. The best way to get the policies enacted that Keystone Fair Business Partners espouses is to have elected leaders who are willing to listen and understand the needs of our businesses, employees, and families. Therefore, we also sent Mail-in Ballot (MIB) Applications to those who were targeted with our messages and encouraged people to use that method of voting if going in person was not possible.

We are pleased to report that our engagement efforts were extremely effective in encouraging reluctant voters to participate in the election process. As shown above you will see the results of our outreach in Chester and Delaware Counties. We successfully got 65.8% of the targeted people in Chester County to vote, which was equal to the average voting turnout for the county. In Delaware County we were slightly more successful than the average turnout for the county with 63.3% vs. 60.8% of people voting.

Although all these voters received MIB Applications, 83%of the Chester County voters chose to vote in-person at the polls on Election Day rather than use the MIB. The percentage of in-person voters was slightly lower in Delaware County at 65%. Nevertheless, the overwhelming majority of our target audience chose to vote in-person. 

** If you would like additional information on any of this data, please feel free to email us and we would be happy to provide it.

We are encouraged that our neighbors understand the importance of engaging in the voting process and the need for good representation. In 2023, local municipal elections will have a direct impact on our children in school board races, on our families and businesses in township and county leader choices, and on everyone with county and state judicial races.

We will continue to highlight issues that we believe are important considerations in decision-making. We encourage you to understand the impact of these issues and to exercise your right to vote in the primary and general elections of 2023.


Please consider attending the town hall sponsored by our partner, Chesco United, on Thursday evening, 1/26, at 7:00 PM. The guest speaker, Heather Honey, will convey valuable and mostly unreported information surrounding our election process.